Canna-Wreck Cannabis Strain
Canna-Wreck Cannabis Strain
Canna-Wreck Cannabis Strain

We crossed these strains to get a healthy amount of both CBD and THC from the same flower, and we tried harvesting at seven, eight, and nine weeks to see when the best effect comes through. This strain is interesting because it has a very go-go-go diesel effect if harvested early, but becomes mellower and more clear-headed the longer it is left in flower. At a full nine weeks, there may be no psychoactive effect other than a very clear head and pain relief.

CANNA-TSU is dominant in most phenotypes, with some 50/50 and one a very CANNA-TSU dominant. This is a typical CBD plant--stringy and spindly until under strong light, and it needs to be tied up while growing. Once in flower, it doubles in size--if not more.

Very tall


Recommended Growing Location
Indoor & Outdoor

Best Way to Grow
Top out into a 30 inch round bush early.

Harvest Time
49-63 days, depending on THC/CBD levels

Sativa/Indica Percentages


High Type
The longer you let it flower, the more clear-headed the effect. At week 7 there is a strong Diesel-like effect. At week 8 there is a relaxing and pleasant effect with a mostly clear head. At week 9 it gives a clear head with little psychoactive effect.

Very fruity, almost tropical.