Dr.Who Cannabis Strain
Dr.Who Cannabis Strain
Dr.Who Cannabis Strain

What do you get when you cross Mad Scientist with Timewreck? Doctor Who, of course. This slightly Indica strain has a high THC content along with a strong, built-in resistance to powdery mildew. Recommended for use throughout the day, DR.WHO leaves you with a clear head and ready to take on whatever the universe has to throw at you.

There are 4 main phenotypes. All have virtually the same smell and taste and all buds tend to show some purple. The main difference between phenotypes is in the bud structure and the dominant color; buds are either fingery or round, with pale green or purple as their chief color. The purple buds are particularly impressive.

Short to Medium


Recommended Growing Location
Indoor & Outdoor

Best Way to Grow
Top early to make an approximately 30” round bush.

Harvest Time
56-63 days

Sativa/Indica Percentages

Mad Scientist X Timewreck

High Type
Clear head with a nice Indica bottom that allows relaxation with pain relief while the substantial THC level gets your brain moving and engaged. Good for any time of day.

Very tasty, almost like a fruit that's sweet and sour at the same time, like a grape or an over-ripe pineapple.

May Help With
Appetite stimulant, MS symptoms, ADHD, nausea, depression, anxiety}